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Abuelita's Cocina Mexican-American Cookbook


Easy Reading, Coil Bound for Kitchen Use, Traditional Recipes, Color Photographs, Definitions, Dietary Information, Helpful Measurements, Cooking Methods, Meal Suggestions and Abuelita's Story Line.

From a small town just outside of Jalisco, Guadalajara, México, to East Los Angeles, California, USA, a story of my Grandmother (Abuelita) unfolds with foods and recipes she cooked and created.

1894 – 1924 Jalisco, Guadalajara, Mexico

1924 – 1941 Jerome, Arizona, USA

1941 – 1975 East Los Angles, California, USA

Many meals and recipes that Mande made were handed down over generations, developed and/or memorized as a young woman. With helping to raise 4 boys, creativity was the call of the day and always challenged by individual tastes by her four grandchildren.

Most of these recipes are Latino standards and created daily by families and restaurants. 

 Hardcover, paperback, spiral bound and ePub...from $9.95to $59.46

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